A downloadable game

Take photos of cute birds doing cute things, and make people happy on the internet.

Explore a surprisingly spacious inner-city apartment filled with far too many pet birds doing their own silly things. Take photos and share them with your internet friends to spread the love around. The more bird pictures you post, the more your follower count will go up! Just like real life!

Unlock new birds by taking the right pictures and see what hidden secrets you can find....

  • Over 50 types of birds to discover
  • Relaxing, no-pressure gameplay
  • A colourful, delightful apartment to explore
  • Share your photos on a completely unrealistic social media simulation
  • Share your best photos on the real world social media directly from the game
  • Cutting edge pixel graphics for maximum cuteness
  • Customizable controls and other accessibility options

A NZ Game Awards 2019 Winner for Excellence in Game Feel

A Freeplay Festival Awards Finalist

"We’re finally getting the “take pictures of cute animals” game that we deserve."

- Polygon

"...the Internet is estimated to be 40% birds by weight. That’ll grow even more with the release of Toripon 鳥ポン, an upcoming game about snapping virtual budgies doing cute and silly things to share online."

- Rock Paper Shotgun

"For too long have four-legged mammals such as cats and dogs been the focus of adorable animals on the internet. It’s time for birds to shine in all their pixelated glory."

- MS Poweruser


- Automaton Media

A game by Victoria Smith

Additional programming by Zachary Williams

Music composition by Akari Mizusaki

Bird Sound Effects by Mattias 'Mattix' Lahound

Emojis by Dimitry Miroluibov